Our Service Elevates
Software to Solution

We provide the software but we also have a dedicated team of personnel who can help you get started for you, or in conjunction with you.  We are committed to providing a solution rather than just technology.  

What Services Are Provided?

You will know from the very beginning that we take pride in our responsiveness, competence and professionalism.  Please see below for the services we provide. 

Initial Consultation

We can see if we are the right fit, and if so, you’ll be on a safe path to success.

Complimentary Legal Review

We provide a complimentary legal review during technical feasibility review. 

Build Any Feature

Your imagination is your limit.  We’ll let you know if we can’t do something.

Integrate With Anything

We can integrate with any third-party technology required.


Template Authoring

We will build your first set of templates, making the magic happen for you.

Periodic Document Updates

Upon notification, we can modify documents to reflect changes in law.

Bulk Updates

We regularly make edits that affect many documents for our customers.

WordPress Support

We provide integration for customers who want to do this through WordPress.

Backup & Security

Daily backup and security updates are included.

How Does the Implementation Work?

For resource challenged organizations, or those new to automation, we are happy to create templates for you, so that you don’t have to worry about how to get your document loaded and up and running. 

We are a service company and we will do the hard work for you, so that you don’t have to or even worry about it.  It increases the safety of our technology solution.  

  1.  We discuss with you your requirements and expectations.
  2.  We review your documents for technical feasibility and legal or drafting issues.
  3.  We create a template from which the users will be able to mass produce documents.
  4.  We upload the template onto a cloud server, where customer will be able to review.
  5.  Our client can access the system via the internet and generate documents easily. 

Why Do I Need
Template Authoring?

We know from experience and stories shared by our customers that many companies purchase/license competitive software to start the automation journey, but never complete it.

This is because (1) the company underestimated the amount of skill individuals need to possess to implement the solution (they’ve been duped to think that software is trivial to learn and implement); and/or (2) the employee who was going to implement it becomes too busy, gets promoted, or leaves the company. 

Initial enthusiasm loses momentum, until the project is shelved forever.  If you delay your implementation until you learn to author your template in the platform, there is a good chance you will never get to implement it.

Drafting of a company’s contracts is mission critical; it requires legal experience and technical expertise to automate them well.  We are the experts with hundreds of documents automated under our belt.  Our dual trained attorney-consultant personnel bring valuable knowledge and insights to our customers’ automation projects.

"You can tell that these guys are also lawyers and not just software people."

– Michael Canale, Portfolio Manager.

Advantages of
Programming Services

If you work with consultants, you will find that you will not be able to add any new features or integrate to a platform you need because you will not have access to the source code to make it happen.  Software vendors will not let third-parties have that kind of access. 

Vendors will not let you for two reasons.  First, for security reasons, they will not permit a third-party consultants to change their source code, which can introduce vulnerabilities.  Second, for business reasons, a software company will resist making custom software, because developing new features for a customer is much less lucrative than selling non-customized software to the masses.   They will only build the feature if they believe many people will be willing to pay for it. 

We believe the hybrid approach is appropriate in the industry we are in.  We are happy to build new features that allow our software to shine for a customer, but we charge a modest fee for this service.  This can be in the form of new functions, features or integrations.  Our general set of features will often get a customer to 80%, and we often create a feature or two that “hits the spot” for a customer, for 100% satisfaction!

Fallacy of DIY No-Code Automation

No one uses specialized programming language to program automation solutions anymore; they generally use a specialized markup language.  Although syntax may be easy to learn for non-programmers, you still have to keep track of variables, use if-then logic with layers of AND/OR statements and learn various keywords. And your first attempt will behave like what it is: a beginner’s first attempt. 

Fallacy of One-Size-Fits-All

Some vendors will provide you with their form documents and the sales person will insist that they work for you.  But do they really know? Are they attorneys who understand your regulatory and compliance requirements in your locality?  The typical end-result in the long-run is that the users have to make the same edits for each document generated, leading to humans fixing computer’s mistakes.  Don’t let that be you.  

Importance of Vertical Integration

When you have to corral multiple resources together, significant resources must also be devoted to ensure proper communication among the parties.   Miscommunications and misjudging of capabilities occur, with parties often talking past one another, leading to chaos and a disappointing end result.   Simplify the mess by engaging a vendor dedicated to the single-source-of-truth model, and never be surprised with unfulfilled expectations.  

"It is the service that makes the difference. With same day turn-arounds by dually trained legal-IT experts, there is high quality and efficiency, meaning you don't have to waste time on lengthy follow-ups."

– Yasmine Healy, Esq.

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