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We take your form contracts and automate their production by implementing interview questions and smart templates.   



Celant Innovations is a contract automation company focused on loan officers in CDFI’s, attorneys in small-to-medium sized law firms, and in-house counsel in corporations who deal with drafting multiple document sets over and over based on form agreements.  

These are the organizations that have the challenges that we deal with and meet our ideal customer criteria of having to manage multiple legal documents for transactions of modest size. Typically they are resource constrained in terms of time, money and technical expertise, and they are the kinds of organizations that find us most attractive.  

Community Lenders

CDFIs and Micro-Lenders lending up to $250,000 per transaction

Law Firms

Solo practitioners, small law firms, medium sized firms up to 50 lawyers

In-House Counsel

Legal departments that are directly responsible for drafting documents

Who Are We?

We are in the business of creating a safe and reliable drafting solution for our customers at a reasonable price. We are founded by a lawyer who was frustrated by doing repetitive tasks while trying to complete legal documents under extreme time pressure.  The software he designed was made to solve his problems at first, but the team soon learned that others were having the same frustrations and the company was born.  

Problem We Solve

We solve the difficulty and high cost of legal drafting by implementing a solution that is easy to use, reliable and cost effective.  The solution is possible by employing world-class technology platform with multi-discipline trained customer success representatives.    

What is Contract Automation?

Any organization that must manage multiple documents that relate to each other requires contract automation (also known as document automation).  This is particularly true if the documents are used over and over using previous deal as the starting point, or a standardized form within the organization or industry.

Contract automation is the process of generating documents not by typing or copying-and-pasting but by making intelligent choices, and based on the decisions, the underlying document changes to fit the criteria.

For example, there could be an interview question, “Is client married?” And if you choose “Married”, it will lead to a different set of documents as opposed to “Single”. Different number of documents, different number of signature blocks, wording changes from “He” to “They”, etc., throughout.

Our solution is like TurboTax, which is the document automation of the IRS Form 1040, but we can build that type of question-and-answer interactivity for any document, to make it easy to fill out and increase the production speed because you put the information in only once. It’s especially helpful for complex legal documents that has many different sub-components, like loan, employment, and lease agreements.

Ideal Customer Profile

We focus on markets and companies with the following characteristics. 


Have Form Agreements

We typically do not provide form documents to our customers.  We work with customer’s existing forms.

Modest Sized Transaction Value

The transactions we typically automate have deal values in the range of $5,000 to $250,000.


Complex Set of Legal Documents

Benefits of automation are most prominent when there are several related documents in the transaction.

Small to Medium Businesses

We focus on providing document automation solutions that have traditionally been enterprise only to everyone.

Thinks About How Automation Can Help

We have been rejected by lawyers who didn’t want greater efficiency because it will lower billable hours.

Resource Constrained and Value Driven

Our customers often face resource constraints in terms of personnel and cost, and are conscious about value.


Our customers are leaders in their respective fields, ranging from boutique law firms, community development financial institutions, to large leasing companies.

What They Say About Us…

Don’t take our word for it.  We take great pride in our 100% customer satisfaction rate since 2018

Why Did They Choose Us?

Managing a document process requires much manual labor (albeit ‘skilled labor’) and constant checking and keeping things in the back of your mind as the deal progresses.  Organizations struggle with managing the same details across multiple legal documents which is a time-consuming, laborious and dreadful job. 

We help to automate that process and allow these organizations to then apply simple rules  to these documents so that they can be used over and over without copying and pasting in the same information for the needs of each individual customer or transaction.   


Why Are We Different?

We are unique in that we have the specific functionality required for smaller organizations and we provide the service to get you started without heavy upfront investment.  We have worked specifically with CDFIs, law firms and corporate legal departments and understand the unique needs of these organizations and built an end-to-end solution tailored to these needs at the right affordable price.



Template Authoring

Our lawyer consultants convert your form documents into smart templates that allow mass document production. 

World-Class Platform

As the only general purpose document automation solution with inline editing, our solution stands heads above the rest.

Unmatched Flexibility

We can modify our platform anyway necessary to build any feature you need to work with your existing workflow.

We Are So Confident, We Provide
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If we can’t complete your first set of documents or you are not happy with the results, we will refund the software subscription fee portion of your investment, for up to 90 days. Under these unlikely circumstances, you only pay for the service time spent creating your documents. 

We Understand Your Pain

If you are tired of dealing with the manual labor process of keeping track of specific items across various related documents and then copying and pasting the same information into new documents for other clients, talk to us.  It can’t hurt. 

"This software supports the most complex commercial transactions - it is a truly a unique product whose time has come."

– Zach Martin, Esq.

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