The benefits of document automation is unquestioned: efficiency gains saving 70%+ of time needed to produce documents; doubling productivity gains; cost savings measured in multiple salaries.   The below features are what makes these benefits possible.  

How Do We Achieve
Such Extraordinary Results?

The technology represents a family of related features focusing on
three major pillars of efficiency: speed, accuracy and flexibility.  

Concurrent Progression

Filling in an answer for one document automatically fills in the same information for the rest of the related documents.


Realtime Blacklining

Immediately see how the document changes after you make a decision in the track-changes format.


Freestyle Editing

Make any one-off changes to any portion of the document without impacting other transactions or customers.

Data Transfer

Transfer over customer or transaction data in an existing document to another document quickly and easily. 


Streamlined Workflow

If you have several stages in your workflow, keep track of current status and the responsible person, etc.

Closing Binders

Print only signature pages; then upload signed PDFs to automatically slip them in the right places to create closing sets.


Electronic Signature

Integrated platform allows you to obtain e-signatures without drawing boxes or dealing with separate software.

Automatic Calculations

Perform simple arithmetic such as adding days to dates or complex tasks such as creating amortization tables.

Material Terms

Easily keep track of customizable material terms of your closed deals and export them to Excel for further analysis.

What’s the Difference? 

There are lots of document automation solutions on the market.  So what should you look for and consider in your evaluation process?   Download the evaluation checklist and learn more about the differences in document automation software. 


Why not test-drive our software and take it for a spin?  You can try the Mobile optimized view, which works good on phones or the Desktop optimized view, which has more features and options at your fingertips.  They are the same software, just different views enabled.

Mobile Optimized

This simplified interface switches the view between questionnaire and the actual underlying document.

Desktop Optimized

This professional interface shows the questionnaire, underlying document and the help text all in one screen.

"Streamlined interface is intuitive to use and empowers novice users to produce documents quickly and confidently."

– Zach Martin, Esq.

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