What is Document Automation?

Document automation (also known as contract automation) is the process of generating documents not by typing or copying-and-pasting but by answering questions, and based on the answers to questions, the underlying documents’ text changes to conform to your specific needs.   

What Are the Benefits of Document Automation?

Document automation improves efficiency of drafting because you are essentially able to do your “homework” ahead of time by pre-building in pre-vetted language based on commonly observed deal term changes.  These efficiencies manifest themselves in the following example ways.  You can review more at our testimonials. 

Time Saved

“We save at least 80% on document preparation time.”

Increased Profitability

“Celant has improved our profits dramatically.”

Doubled Productivity

“Our department’s productivity increased more than 100% without new hires.”

Reduce Frustration

“I don’t have to keep on going back to fix the mistakes as I do the final review.”

More Revenue

“Now that we prepare docs, we charge a fee and gained a new revenue stream.”

Convenient Tools

“One of my favorite features is the automatic amortization table.”

Supercharge Employees

“After implementation, one person can now do three people’s jobs.”

Improved Confidence

“Celant decreased our error rate significantly.”

Easier Collaboration

“Automatic redlining makes it easier for the legal team to review.”

"Managing transaction costs is paramount in micro-transactions and we immediately saw benefits of document automation upon learning about it."

– Carolyn Cassin, CEO of Michigan Women Forward.

Why Isn’t Everyone Using Document Automation?

In short, because it has been difficult and expensive to implement, especially the labor portion, until now. 

The benefits of document automation is not questioned, proven via successes of products like TurboTax (which automates IRS Form 1040) and companies like LegalZoom (automating LLC agreements).   Outside such widely-used documents that warrant devoted platforms, the market is segmented by software vendors and template authoring consultants who use the software to create solutions. 

We sought to integrate both functions of developing software and template authoring service so that our customers can be up and running with their custom solution quickly and easily.  It also allows us to build any feature or integration to make the automation software more powerful and customizable for our customers.  We believe we have achieved the fine balance of combining the latest cutting-edge technology with superior customer service, ultimately leading to a more value-driven and easier-to-use solution for our clients.  

We know from experience and stories shared by our customers that many companies purchase/license competitors’ software to start the automation journey, but never complete its implementation.  That is why we have vertically integrated, because software alone is not enough.  We sought to place substantially all aspects of implementation burden on us, including template authoring and integration programming, so that we can deliver on our promise of quick and easy delivery of our document automation solution. 

"We save a huge amount of time... I believe we are saving 70-75% per individual client. Celant has made the process more efficient, effective and improved our profits dramatically."

– Steve Ramadan, Esq.

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